Exploring the Shadow Warriors Program for Kids

The Shadow Warriors program at Phoenix Martial Arts is our signature children’s program, specifically designed for kids aged 4-6. It introduces martial arts basics while fostering essential life skills such as discipline, confidence, and respect. Let’s dive deeper into this exciting program and how it can benefit your child.

Program Background and Design:

  1. Master Craig Stanley created this program in the late 1980s to give children an introduction to martial arts techniques while emphasizing listening skills and personal growth. Inspired by the popularity of Ninja Turtles among kids at the time, he crafted a program that uses “warrior moves” to build foundational martial arts skills.
  2. Goals of the Program:
    • Develop children’s listening skills.
    • Foster confidence and discipline.
    • Teach the importance of respect.

Classes and Curriculum:

  1. The Shadow Warriors classes are structured around engaging drills, games, and techniques that ignite children’s imaginations. The curriculum emphasizes confidence-building through achievable goals, helping children develop skills like balance, coordination, and teamwork.
  2. Class Breakdown:
    • Warm-up exercises focusing on stretching and mobility.
    • Games that develop agility and coordination.
    • Partner drills for practicing techniques safely.
    • Cool-down with breathing exercises.

Benefits for Children:

  1. The benefits of the Shadow Warriors program go beyond physical fitness:
    • Confidence Boost: Earning badges and mastering techniques gives children a sense of accomplishment.
    • Social Skills: Partnering with others and participating in games builds communication and cooperation.
    • Motor Skills: Punches, kicks, and agility drills improve coordination and body awareness.

Family Involvement:

  1. Parents play a crucial role in their child’s martial arts journey. At Phoenix, we encourage parents to attend classes and support their children throughout their progress. Positive reinforcement from parents keeps kids motivated and eager to continue.
  2. Suggestions for Parents:
    • Watch your child’s progress and celebrate their achievements after each class.
    • Encourage them to practice what they’ve learned at home with family members.
    • Ask instructors for guidance on reinforcing positive behavior.


  1. Parent Review:
    • “The Shadow Warriors program has transformed my son’s behavior and confidence. He’s learning valuable life skills and having fun at the same time!” – Amanda K.

The Shadow Warriors program at Phoenix Martial Arts is a unique and exciting way to help your child build character, discipline, and confidence while introducing them to martial arts in a positive environment. Sign up today to watch your child grow into a confident “warrior.”