This Technical seminar was held at the Stony Plain Do-jang on Saturday January 28, 2017.  The room limit was set at 40 participants (a couple extra managed to sneak in) and was 3 hours long.  We focused on the items that appeared in pattern but we did not work on pattern moves.  Some items were, the many ways to perform sine wave (10), pre-action positions, motions (slow, fast, connecting etc), neutral position, Types of turning (Spot {3}, Step {clockwise, counter clockwise, front foot, back foot etc}, double step, treble step),the 9 training secrets and much more…

Seminar ran from 2 pm until 5:15 pm.

Thank you for the assistance of Mr. Passmore (6th degree) and Mrs. Stanley (5th degree).

Photos by Mr. Freisen and Mrs. Stanley.