Some photos of the Championships.  461 competitors registered for this event.  Exactly the same as last year.  25 fewer Shadow Warriors but 25 more regular competitors.  The event bow in was at 9:30 am with the opening ceremonies completed by 9:50.  The first competitors were on the mats by 10:00 .  With 10 rings running (initially 4 for the Shadow Warriors) the event had its last division finish at 4:45 pm.  Another record broken with the Shadow Warriors as they completed their competition in an hour and fifteen minutes.  Kudos to Ms. Millen, Mr. Pontikes and the whole Shadow Warrior team for their excellent work.
Mrs. Passmore, Mrs. Droog, Michelle Mitchelmoor and the other on deck team members (the hardest working group of the day) did an excellent job as well ensuring the best divisions they could make and in as a timely fashion as possible.   
Special thanks to Mr. Brian Webster for the M.C. duties on the PA system all day long.
Thanks for attending to Doerksen TKD, Tien Lung HQ, Swan City TKD, South Side TKD, Power TKD, JJ Lee TKD, Dual Dragons, Lionheart TKD, Lightning TKD, Destiny Martial Arts, and of course all the Phoenix Taekwon-Do students.

​Photo credits - LEA Photography, R. Lefevre and T. Bellefleur - Thank you very much!