Please remember that in order to end or temporarily suspend your membership you must fill out the cancel membership form on this web site 30 days prior to your next billing date. To restart your membership, simply come to class, no matter how long you might have been off. Cancellations are not accepted by phone, e-mail, verbally or by any other method. There is no refund on memberships for any reason. Make sure you cancel properly or you will continue to be charged.


Here are a few items you should know when coming to a Taekwon-do class…

  • Bow when entering the training area
  • If you see a black belt, bow to them in greeting.  They do not even need to know you are doing it, but everyone else will see you showing your respect.  They will also see if you do not…If the black belt sees you not bowing ( or another black belt sees ) you may get push ups!
  • Before class starts you can mingle with other students, or work on some of your techniques.  No horse play!
  • Water bottles are ok for class but put them off to the side.  Gym bags to the side as well.
  • remember to say sir or ma`am when speaking to a black belt.
  • No food in the training area
  • No gum when training, ever!
  • Ask a senior belt to help you with tying your belt until you learn how.
  • when lining up, senior belts are in front, and junior belts are towards the back.
  • Before, during and after class please keep conversations with the black belt instructor relevant to Taekwon-do.  They do not need to know about your dog or cat.  They are in high demand from students who are asking about techniques and other Taekwon-do issues.
    • outside the class area converse about anything to the black belts.  (if you can corner them)
  • If you have a dobok (uniform) you must wear it to class and it must be clean.  The only exception is summer time training shirts which are an additional uniform from June to August.  Each summer is a different shirt to remain *uniform*.


Phoenix hosts 2 tournaments each year.  Our Fire & Ice Championships in the spring (April) and our Battle of the Arts in November.  The April event is an auto enrolment of all members from Shadow Warriors to black belts.  Consider this a mandatory event to attend.  The November event is optional but we strongly advise that you participate.  The November event has entry forms that must be filled out if you want to go.

Why attend a tournament?
There are so many reasons why a student should go to a tournament we will likely miss a few.  BUT, please accept our 40 plus years of experience and understand it is one of the best training options available to you for any reason.  Self-defense, fitness, fun, excitement, challenge, and many more.

  • Its the game.  Classes are training sessions, tournaments are the game to play.
  • You will get better just by planning on attending.  You will train harder and more often before the event.
  • You will get better by doing the event.  The learning curve for attendees is incredible, win or lose.
  • You will get better after the event.  You will be more enthused and train with a better understanding of what you need to do.
  • Club spirit is high.  You and your fellow students will bond by going into battle together.
  • Great friendships will form with fellow students and others from different clubs.
  • These are the largest ITF Taekwon-do tournaments in Canada.  Something not to miss!
  • The excitement of the event is something you do not want to miss out on.  90% of the members of Phoenix attend.  Don’t be in the 10% wishing you had gone, after the fact.  (it never fails, people hear about it from others and regret not going)
  • Our events are the first step in heading to international competitions.  You don’t really know if you want to until you do.
  • The nerves you feel (and you will be nervous) teach you to over come.  Next to an exam, the best format to see how you will perform under pressure.  Sort of like a self-defense scenario, with referees, and friendly faces.

General things about Phoenix Taekwon-do...

When to get sparring gear.

Sparring gear is expensive.  But it is a necessary piece of training equipment that is mandatory by green belt.  You can purchase the gear at any time (even day 1).  If you have sparring gear you will be able to train to the fullest of your ability.  Without the gear you will not be able to utilise the techniques you are learning.  Sparring is the single best way to establish your self-defense abilities.  Sparring will also help develop your self-confidence.  When you test for your yellow belt one of the items on the exam is sparring.  If you do not have any, or cannot borrow some, you will lose 10 marks on your exam.  Try playing hockey without a puck.  It’s much like not having sparring gear.
Sparring gear consists of foam dipped gloves, boots and helmet as well as shin guards.  A higher quality set of gloves can be obtained which are made of vinyl.  You should also get and wear a mouth guard (just an upper piece).  Colours include Red, Black, Blue and Powder Pink.  You can order a set through your admin.  We strongly suggest purchasing through the club to avoid getting the incorrect type, size or damaged gear.


Testing for your next belt level

Shadow Warriors.

These students test every 2nd month.  They will do the skills that they have been working on in the 2 previous months.  There is no charge for Shadow Warrior testing.  Stripes and belts are included in the monthly fee.  Skills and levels as well as test schedules are listed on this web site under the Shadow Warrior page.

Regular members

Testing is scheduled at each club in advance.  It is different at each location.  Check with your admin or black belt instructor for test dates.  A regular student must first earn their marker stripes before they can attend an exam.  All colour belt exams are $60.  This includes the marker stripe tests (in class), the regular exam, a certificate of rank, all boards that will need to be used, the new belt, and the written comments on your test sheet which is given to you. If you want your name embroidered on your new belt, write it on your test sheet and it will be done.  $10 fee for name on belt.  The thread colour is standard for each colour belt.  Green on yellow.  Blue on green.  Red on blue.  Black on red. If you do not pass your exam you will have to complete the section you made errors on in class the next week or two after the exam.  There is no charge for a re-test.  

      Items students need to remember at an exam.

  • you must wear your full uniform (dobok)
  • belt must be tied correctly
  • you must bring your proper test sheet with your name printed neatly on it.
  • you must arrive on time to the exam unless previously arranged.
  • you must sign up with the admin in the week prior to the exam if you are testing.
  • you do not have to test just because you have your marker stripes.  You can wait until the next one if you like.
  • make sure you have read your oral questions list so you can correctly answer your questions on the exam.
  • sit quietly until it is your turn to test.
  • once all students of a particular belt level are finished you will all be dismissed.
  • your test results are given to you at the next class you attend.  Not at the exam.
  • the written comments sheet (test sheet) is the most important piece of the exam.  Read it.  Fix those errors right away.


Club credits system

Our club has a unique system that allows students to lower any costs that are associated with Taekwon-do training.  There are some fund raising opportunities that students can participate in if they wish.  These fund raising opportunities earn students credits that they can then use to pay for things like sparring gear , testings, monthly fees etc.  Different ways are offered at different times of the year.  Watch for chocolate almond sales, opportunities to assist with teaching, cleaning facilities, raffles, casinos, refunds, and many more.
In order to use your credits you must advise the admin on what and when you want to use them.  We will not assume any use of credits at any time.  Please make your intentions with your credits very clear to the admin.
ALL credits are deleted from ALL accounts on August 31 of each year.  Advise the admin prior to this date on how you wish them to be used.  ie: pay for a number of months dues.  Sept, Oct, Nov. etc. Credits can never be given out as cash to any member at any time.  They are for internal club use only. Credits can be used for any thing that you need to pay for.  Doboks, gear, dues, testing, tournaments, etc etc etc.